Team drivers

team drivers


We keep America moving with the help of the best teams in the marker.

What are the advantages to drive in a team: 

Two is Better Than One

The old adage that 2 is better than 1, applies here. Team truck drivers can sleep in shifts and keep the truck moving down the road longer, covering more miles daily.

Additionally, there’s now 2 sets of eyes and ears on the road, and an extra set of hands for anything that needs to be done. Breaks can be more efficient. One driver can run inside the truck stop for food and the other driver can fuel up the rig outside. Multitasking makes for more productivity, and less idle time not logging miles.

You’re Never Lonely

Truck drivers consistently report that one of the biggest hardships of being a truck driver is all the time that spent alone. Team truck driving provides built-in company across the miles. There’s always someone to talk to, map out logistics, discuss current events, and otherwise pass the time over the road.


Two people driving a rig, the time it takes to make delivers decreases exponentially as you do not necessarily have to stop overnight to sleep.  We even go as far as to offer financial incentives for teams that are willing to work together in order to make deliveries arrive to their destinations in a more timely manner.