Environmental sustainability

Here at MC Carrier LLC, we think environmental stewardship is our duty toward our communities, our children, our future and our Earth. 

Unity and responsibility are mottos that we try to infuse to our employees.

As one of major US polluters, transportation industry has the responsibility to implement green technologies. With small, but consistent steps of each of freight companies, we believe that the industry can achieve net-zero emissions before too long. 

Our company is constantly monitoring the innovations in trucking industry and is always looking for solutions to improve our ESG strategies (Environmental, Social, and Governance). 


  • We use recap tires
  • Optimized route planning
  • Enhanced telematics – monitoring devices that record engine performance and driving habits will show when drivers make poor environmental choices and help us addressing them
  • All plastic bottles must be returned to the yard.
  • Implementing next generation tractor and trailer aerodynamic solutions
  • Continuing deployment of advanced idle reduction technologies
  • Utilizing next generation clean diesel engines
  • Investing in Zero-Emissions vehicles, including battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell technology
  • Executing various other strategies as technology is developed and introduced to the market