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How much does a Company Driver make?

How much does an owner operator make?

How much does a Walk Away Lease operator make?

How much does a trucking company pay? 


MC Carrier LLC is providing to all potential drivers and walk away lease independent contractors the answers to notorious trucking industry questions.

If you are interested in becoming a Company Driver for MC Carrier LLC and take advantage of all the benefits that we have to offer, or if you want to become  a Walk Away Lease Operator and you are curious to know how much you can earn with us, you can easily estimate the amount of money you will make. Please remeber that these calculations are based on past performance of other company driver or Walk Away Lease Operators and does not represent a warranty of a guaranteed income. Your performance and freight market conditions will dictate your actual results.

Weekly pay calculator will let you find the real answer to the top questions in trucking industry.

Its easy to use, user friendly and provides exact figures based on your answers and selections. 



Access the weekly pay calculator on the left side of


First Step:

Select what position you would be interested in:

Company Driver


Walk Away Lease Operator



Second Step:

Select the type of driving you are looking for:

OTR long haul, Team or Regional.


State your driving experience.

Indicate of you have a hazmat endorsement


if any moving tickets or violations.



Third Step:

For walk away lease, select what would you like to lease: the type of trailer and year of the truck. (Note that a newer truck and a refrigerated trailer will increase your weekly fixed costs).

For company driver, select the type of trailer and year of the truck. 





Fourth Step:

Move the slider to adjust the number of miles per week you could drive. The calculator is providing you the detailed figures you can make.



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*Disclaimer: The information and calculations presented on this tool is based on
past performance of similarly qualified individuals. Please remember that past
performance may not be indicative of future results. Different freight market
conditions as well as your own personal performance and qualifications can and
will affect your weekly take home pay in a positive or negative way. The
information presented on this website may not constitute the most up to date
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