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It all began with two truck drivers who wanted to create a Las Vegas trucking company that was different from other freight shipping companies. A trucking company that focused on the truck driver's needs while also providing premium freight shipping services for each customer. From these simple beginnings and a small but mighty idea, MC Carrier LLC was born. Starting with just 2 trucks in 2012, MC Carrier LLC has now grown to over 230+ trucks and 400+ trailers. With an enormous amount of hard work, grit, and pure determination, MC Carrier LLC now employs over 280 transportation professionals and has been declared as top workplace in Las Vegas in 2022. So what is it like to be a truck driver? What is life at MC Carrier LLC like for our professional truck drivers? Keep reading to find out.

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MC Carrier LLC Has Been Providing Superior Transportation Services for Over a Decade

Being a reliable Las Vegas trucking company doesn’t happen overnight. The MC Carrier story started off small but evolved into something truly amazing. And they are still going strong…just like their freight shipping services.

MC Carrier LLC - Top Freight Shipping Company from Las Vegas, Nevada

From humble beginnings come great things. MC Carrier LLC has grown into one of the top freight shipping companies in the U.S.A., keeping both truckers and customers happy with their freight shipping services. Offering:

Dedicated Logistics

Permit Acquisition Services


Overweight & Overdimensional

HAZMAT Shipping

Heavy Haul Trucking

Open deck/step deck/ flatbed/ double drop/RGN/travel axle trailers

Refrigerated Trailers

Team Expedited Services

Yard Spotting Services

If you were curious about MC Carrier LLC, now you know that working for a Las Vegas Trucking Company that was started by two truckers with first-hand experience comes with some major perks.

Advantages of Driving for MC Carrier LLC

The founders of MC Carrier LLC still hold active CDL Class A licenses to this day, and they understand how important it is to give our drivers a happy and healthy work environment.

The journey at MC Carrier LLC will always start with giving each driver the respect that they deserve, coupled with the care and support needed for them to really love driving with us.

Some of the terrific perks you get when you drive with our Las Vegas shipping company:

Knowing about MC Carrier LLC and all the benefits provided should make any driver want to jump on board. Having a company founded by people who have been in the trenches and know what it’s like to be behind the wheel makes for a company that really cares about its employees. So, if you’re looking for the best trucking company to drive for Nevada, look no further than MC Carrier LLC.
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Advantages of Shipping with MC Carrier LLC

If you’re on the other side of things and looking for the best freight shipping companies in Nevada, you have found #1 with MC Carrier LLC. We aren’t the average carrier service. Understanding a bit about MC Carrier LLC, you’ll appreciate the dedication it took to grow from the ground up into one of the top freight shipping companies in the U.S. That’s no easy feat. When you need to ship valuable freight, you need a trucking company you can trust. That’s where we come in.

Some of the exclusive benefits of shipping your cargo with MC Carrier LLC:

MC Carrier LLC - When You Know, You Know.

Now you’ve learned about MC Carrier LLC and the amazing shipping services we provide; you can see that we aren’t just any freight shipping carrier. We have that something special. What makes MC Carrier LLC so special is that we provide a supportive work environment for our drivers, and exceptional shipping services for each of our invaluable customers. When you understand what matters most to your team, you can create a great work environment, which in turn, keeps the company running like a well-oiled machine. Whether you’re shipping with MC Carrier LLC or looking for the best trucking company to drive for Nevada, you have found the right Las Vegas trucking company- MC Carrier LLC LLC. Contact us today for your shipping or driving needs.