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At MC Carrier LLC, we provide temperature controlled transportation services for temperature-sensitive freight shipped anywhere across the USA. If you are looking to transport a shipment with specific temperature requirements, MC Carrier LLC has a solution for you, as we can maintain temperatures from -20F to +100F in our temperature controlled trailers. With over 60 refrigerated trucks in our fleet (also known as reefers), MC Carrier LLC can handle any type of product requiring refrigerated conditions, like perishable goods, medications, hazardous materials, etc. What makes MC Carrier LLC stand out from the many temperature controlled shipping companies? We always put customers first and offer honest and dependable solutions to meet even the most complicated shipping project.

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What is the Difference Between Temperature Controlled Transportation and a Dry Van?

Temperature controlled trucks may look similar to the typical 48’ or 53’ dry vans, but they offer a much different service to our customers. The physical makeup of a reefer trailer is different from a typical dry van trailer. The walls, ceilings, and floors are made from insulated metal or fiberglass material but never wood. The idea is to contain the temperature within the space of the reefer. Metal and fiberglass provide good insulation and prevent odors from the products from being absorbed into the structure. The last thing anyone wants when shipping products is the smell of broccoli lingering from the last transport. Because of the heaviness of the materials making up the refrigeration unit, all reefer trailers are heavier. So the max load weight of your shipment will be less than a standard dry van. Refrigerated freight shipping trucks are typically newer as they need to be replaced every few years due to the constant running of the refrigeration units. At MC Carrier LLC, we have an onsite shop to ensure every one of our trucks is in tip-top shape. All of our refrigerated trucks are less than 3 years old, guaranteeing our customers the absolute best service when using MC Carrier LLC for reefer transportation Nevada.
So how can you get uninterrupted driving service without breaking any rules? The answer is pretty simple. We get two drivers to team up in one truck. One driver can take their required break by sleeping in the back of the truck cab (Sleeper) while the other is driving. Then they simply trade off until the shipment gets to where it’s going. That way, you, the customer, get uninterrupted transport of your shipment to its final destination.
Team expedited service offers critical speed when it’s most needed. Many of our customers can’t afford to waste time waiting for slow transport of their time-sensitive freight, so we maximize our services to offer you the maximum speed of delivery when you need it most.

Ideal Temperature Shipping with MC Carrier LLC - Reefer Transportation Nevada

Using temperature controlled shipping (also caused reefer shipping) is a huge advantage anytime you need to ship temperature-sensitive freight. The beauty of temperature controlled transportation is that you have several options of temperature-controlled climates to choose from.

Room Temperature Shipping

Refrigerated freight shipping doesn’t mean frozen or ice-cold temperatures. If you have freight that can’t get too hot or too cold, MC Carrier LLC provides temperature controlled transportation services that offer consistently controlled, ambient temperature. This is in the range of 59-77 degrees Fahrenheit. Shipments requiring ROOM temperature shipping: Certain fruit and produce that can’t be refrigerated, like bananas and pineapples, or any product that is temperature-sensitive and can be affected by the cold or hot temperatures of the outside climate of the truck. Using temperature controlled transportation can promise the truck temperature is maintained throughout the transport.

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Cold Shipping

Temperature controlled transportation for things like food and other products requiring cold conditions, a cold refrigerated freight shipping option is right for you. The truck is kept at 35-46 degrees Fahrenheit. The same temperature range as a refrigerator. This is especially important if you are shipping freight from a hot climate. The wrong temperature could ruin an entire shipment of produce within a few hours of transport. Shipments requiring COLD temperature shipping: Beer and wine, some fruit and vegetables, meat products, any food that needs to be kept fresh, not frozen, and certain pharmaceuticals.

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Frozen Shipping

When you ship with temperature controlled shipping companies like MC Carrier LLC, you may be looking for a way to keep your products in a frozen state. This is not a problem for MC Carrier LLC- reefer transportation Nevada. We can offer temperature control at 14- (-)13 degrees Fahrenheit. Shipments requiring FROZEN temperature shipping: Fish and seafood, ice cream and other frozen confectionaries, frozen fruits and vegetables,

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Deep Freeze Shipping

Our temperature-controlled freight shipping has the ability to get extreme frozen conditions for your most temperature-sensitive freight. The cold, frozen temperatures range from -20F to 32 Fahrenheit. Shipments requiring DEEP FREEZE temperature shipping: Biopharmaceuticals and other drug components, any product requiring to be kept in an extremely frozen state. Whatever temperature controlled freight shipping is required for your product, MC Carrier LLC can offer you a solution. Whether you are shipping to wholesalers, supermarkets, hospitals, clinics or retailers, we have a temperature-controlled transportation option that will meet your specialized needs.

Benefits of Refrigerated Freight Shipping with MC Carrier LLC

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  • Consistent and reliable. Food products are always in high demand, and these items are perishable and need to be shipped by temperature controlled shipping companies. Shippers of these products need to find a reliable and trustworthy shipper like MC Carrier LLC to rely on and depend on to ensure their product is kept fresh during shipping.
  •  Shipment monitoring. Having the ability to track your shipment is essential for temperature controlled shipping companies. With MC Carrier LLC you get live GPS tracking and our drivers also have the ability to track the temperature and humidity of their trailer. They also have the ability to adjust temperatures if ever needed.
  • Fast shipping. Temperature controlled freight shipping with MC Carrier LLC means you get fast shipping. We offer team-expedited shipping that can guarantee your temperature controlled transportation service gets to where it’s going quickly and in pre-shipped condition. 
  • Effective loading and unloading process. MC Carrier LLC understands the importance of getting your items to where they need to be quickly, and that includes a timely unloading and loading process. Especially when dealing with temperature controlled freight shipping, every minute out of their temperature controlled environment counts. 

The Best Refrigerated Freight Shipping Solutions Guaranteed

MC Carrier LLC offers reliable temperature controlled delivery services across the U.S.A. to meet the vast needs of our customers – guaranteed.

Temperature controlled transportation is the bread and butter of the economy (literally), especially in the grocery industry. Food products can be challenging to ship as they are extremely temperature sensitive. Produce can deteriorate quickly during transit if it gets too hot or too cold. For this reason, shipping dairy, meat, fruits and vegetables, pharmaceuticals and many items rely on temperature controlled transportation every single day.

MC Carrier LLC offers expert temperature controlled freight shipping services to our customers on a contractual basis. If you are a food shipper who has regular volume and complies with government regulations, MC Carrier LLC has many options to assist you. At any given time, the owners are just a phone call away, and no problem is ever too complicated for our excellent team of professionals at MC Carrier LLC. 

We also offer real-time tracking of your shipment, so you know exactly where your shipment is at any given time. When you use our temperature controlled freight shipping, you can rest assured that your shipment will be kept at the appropriate temperature throughout the entire transit. 

Each driver monitors the temperature in the reefer throughout the whole ride. If there are ever any unexpected issues, we have solutions to prevent products from being exposed to temperature extremes. Customer satisfaction is number 1 to MC Carrier LLC, and we guarantee you a safe and temperature controlled transportation experience!

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MC Carrier LLC - Expert Reefer Transportation Nevada

Our temperature controlled transportation services provide our customers with the safe and secure transport of cold and frozen products, as well as products that need to be kept at a consistent temperature throughout the shipping process. There are a lot of temperature controlled shipping companies out there, but one really stands out from the rest. That’s MC Carrier LLC, a trustworthy, dependable, and expert choice in reefer transportation Nevada. If you need high-quality refrigerated freight shipping, contact MC Carrier LLC. Get your FREE quote today!