Lease Purchase Program for Truck Drivers - Lease and Own

Our lease purchase program at MC Carrier LLC gives truck drivers who enter into an agreement with our trucking company a chance to lease a truck from the company with the goal of eventually owning it. In this arrangement, the driver makes regular lease payments to MC Carrier LLC over a set period of time, with the option to purchase the truck at the end of the lease term for $1. The terms of a Lease Purchase Operator agreement can vary depending on the specifics of the lease purchase and the individual driver's circumstances. Some drivers choose to have a higher weekly payment so they choose a 2 year term so they can own the truck outright, much faster, and some drivers like to have a smaller weekly payment and choose to have a term of up to 4 years. The value of the truck will dictate the weekly payments. Whatever you decide to choose, MC Carrier LLC can tailor the agreement to fit your particular circumstance.

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Opportunity to be a Lease Purchase Operator with MC Carrier LLC.

Lease Purchase Operators are similar to owner operators, but they still have payments to make in order to own the truck outright. They typically have more control over their schedules and routes than company drivers but also have more responsibility in terms of managing their business and finances. In addition to making regular lease payments, Lease Purchase Operators are also responsible for maintaining the truck, covering fuel costs, and other expenses related to operating a trucking business.

Lease Purchase Operator arrangements can provide a path to truck ownership for drivers who may not have the upfront capital to purchase a truck outright. However, it's important for drivers to carefully review the terms of any lease agreement before signing on, as the costs and risks involved can be significant. It's also important for drivers to have a solid business plan and the financial resources to cover unexpected expenses, as truck ownership can be a significant investment. Our Lease Purchase program is available to company drivers, walk away lease operators and current owner-operators that want to update their trucks and that has been working safely with the company for at least 90 days. MC Carrier LLC. truck lease purchase agreement gives drivers an opportunity to lease and own a truck without the hassle drivers usually encounter when purchasing trucks on their own. MC Carrier LLC offers Kenworth T680 trucks at the lowest payments while still under factory warranty.

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What You Get When You Sign Up for Our Lease Purchase Program:

Affordable weekly truck payments

100% fuel discount pricing is standard when working with MC Carrier LLC

Maintenance and repair program available throughout the length of the lease

Back office support to assist you in running your own business

Up to $350K gross revenue per truck every year for solo lease operators

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If you’ve always dreamed of owning your own truck and running your own business, MC Carrier LLC is happy to help support our drivers’ dreams. We offer the lease program for that very reason. We want our drivers to dream big and aim high. Whatever way we can help support our drivers, we are more than happy to help!