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Do you want to own your own truck but don’t have the funds? No problem. MC Carrier LLC wants you to succeed. We offer a no-risk, walk away lease opportunity to all our company truck drivers. MC Carrier LLC provides leases with no long-term obligations, meaning qualifying leases can walk away at any time (with 2 weeks' notice). The truck, maintenance and insurance, and the driver simply makes lease payments and drives the truck. This can be an attractive option for drivers who want to be their own boss and have more control over their work schedule and earnings potential. MC Carrier LLC’s walk away lease program is also very successful with our current owner operators that might experience some downtime with their own trucks due to major repairs and could need a replacement truck for a short period of time.

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A no-risk walk away lease program can provide truckers with the opportunity to become independent owner-operators without taking on the financial risk and responsibility of owning their own truck.

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NO RISK Walk Away Lease Program is the Right Choice

When you sign up for MC Carrier LLC’s no risk walk away lease program, you will get a clear and comprehensive weekly/daily deduction plan covering all truck-related charges, including a separate mileage charge. You will also be able to use our company fuel card and receive 100% of our fuel discounts. Mileage pays up to $3.00 per mile based on freight market conditions. Weekly truck payments are reasonable and competitive, depending on truck age and mileage. Revenue is split 80/20. MC Carrier LLC has built this walk-away lease program to help our drivers and owner operators.

Pros of the Walk Away Lease Program:

There are no long-term contracts. (Agreement can be terminated with a simple 2-week notice)

There are no repair bills because MC Carrier LLC takes care of it all. (Exceptions are driver abuse and/or road hazards)

You get to choose your loads and routes

Stay out of snow and snow chains if you want

You have the flexibility to choose your schedule and customize your home time

You don’t have to pay for the truck or trailer if the equipment is in the shop getting repairs

If available, your truck will be replaced with a different unit in case of extensive repairs, allowing you to keep making money

Walk Away Lease Operators can earn more money when compared to company drivers

Cons of the Walk Away Lease Program:

You will not own the truck

Weekly truck payments can be higher than the lease purchase

Truck availability is not guaranteed

Startup costs needed (refundable security deposit partially deducted from your settlement, partially paid upfront)

Higher overall costs compared to operating your own truck

At MC Carrier LLC we do everything in our power to help truck drivers be successful when they sign up to be a part of our lease programs. It's still important for truckers to carefully review the terms of any no-risk walk away lease program before signing on. MC Carrier LLC does not guarantee in any way that a walk away lease operator will be profitable. Limiting the regions that you drive to and from will negatively impact the financial rewards. Operators should consider the total cost of the lease, the amount of control they will have over their work, and the potential for growth and earnings. If the terms are favorable and the driver is comfortable with the risk, a no-risk walk away lease program can be a good option for many truckers. However, it's always important to do your due diligence and make an informed decision. Factors like fuel cost and freight market conditions and seasonality will be a big factor in the successful operations of a walk away lease operator. For more information about our walk away lease program, please contact MC Carrier LLC to learn more about our no-risk, walk away lease program.

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