Team Drivers at MC Carrier LLC - Benefits of Team Truck Driving

One of the joys of being a truck driver is the freedom of being on the open road and seeing the vast beauty of our great nation from sunrise to sunset. Not many people have careers where they get to see epic landscapes from shore to shore, day after day. The truth is, being a truck driver is a rewarding, high-paying job, but the downside is that it can be lonely. So, what if we could fix that boring and lonely part? Team driving is the answer!

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MC Carrier LLC. Team Drivers - Because 2 is Better Than 1

While team driving can offer several benefits, it is important to note that it also comes with its own set of challenges, such as coordinating schedules, dealing with close quarters in the cab, and navigating different communication styles. It's important for team drivers to have a good working relationship and communicate effectively to ensure a safe and efficient journey.

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1. Increased earning potential

Team drivers can cover more ground in less time than solo drivers, translating into higher pay and more miles driven. So not only do you get to work with a friend or spouse, but you can also significantly increase the distance traveled, offering expedited transport, keeping customers happy, and filling your pockets at the same time.

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2. Improved efficiency

Team drivers can take advantage of long driving hours and more flexible schedules, leading to more efficient routes and faster delivery times. Working with MC Carrier LLC, the more distance you cover, the more you make, so it’s a win-win for customers and our drivers.

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3. Dedicated Routes

The majority of MC Carrier LLC teams enjoy the benefit of being assigned to true dedicated lane. That means scheduled weekly or twice-a-week home time, guaranteed miles and predictability of weekly take-home pay.

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4. Better work-life balance

Team driving allows drivers to share driving responsibilities, which can provide more opportunities for rest and relaxation. This can lead to better work-life balance and improved overall well-being for our team drivers.

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5. Increased safety

With two drivers in the cab, team driving can offer increased safety and security on the road. Drivers can take turns driving, which can reduce fatigue and improve alertness. Plus, there is less threat of theft or harassment when team driving.

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5. Professional development

Team driving can provide opportunities for professional development and skill-building, as drivers must communicate effectively and work together to operate the truck safely and efficiently while learning new skills one from another.

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7. Greater job security

Team driving can provide greater job security, as the majority of the freight is dedicated, and you will not have to depend on spot loads that can be uncertain.

Team Driving for MC Carrier LLC. More Than Just a Great Option

One of the most frequent complaints of truck drivers is the long, lonely hours traveling alone. Human beings are social creatures, but the transport industry relies on getting goods across the country in a timely manner. The perfect solution is using team drivers for expedited transport. Not only do goods get moved faster, but our drivers also don’t have to be alone, and working as part of a team means happier drivers overall and better home time. Team truck driving can be a rewarding and fulfilling job for those who enjoy the open road, working with a partner, and being part of a team. We interviewed a team driving duo about what they like most about being team drivers for MC Carrier LLC. In a nutshell, they said it was great to have the opportunity to work with a partner, which can provide a sense of camaraderie and teamwork. Team driving can be an excellent option for many truck drivers who love the open road but get lonely from time to time. The upper decks are typically used to carry lighter cargo or machinery, while the lower deck is reserved for taller or heavier items. We commonly use our double-drop trailers for the construction, agriculture, and energy industries to transport large and heavy equipment such as bulldozers, cranes, wind turbines, and transformers. For equipment that is taller than 10 feet, or a super heavy item with the weight concentrated within a small footprint, a double drop trailer is a great choice to meet your shipping needs.

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MC Carrier LLC. Hiring Team Drivers for Expedited Transport

Another significant benefit to team driving is the fact that you have literally halved the transport time of goods. What would take a single driver 48 hours to transport, due to mandatory USDOT breaks, can take half the time when two drivers are involved. Team driving not only helps drivers but also helps customers get their goods where they need to be as soon as physically possible. Not only do you get to work with a friend, but our customers are thrilled with your fast and effective service. Step deck trailers are commonly used to transport equipment such as construction machinery, heavy industrial equipment, and oversized materials that are too tall to be carried on a standard flatbed trailer. If you’ve got freight that is taller than 8’6” but less than 10’ tall, a step deck or drop deck will suit your load. These trailers are specifically designed to carry tall loads. Because of the lower bottom deck height, cargo is often loaded by a crane or forklift.

MC Carrier LLC Team Drivers: The Best of Both Worlds

As a team driver for the MC Carrier LLC team, you will have the opportunity to travel the country, meet new people, and gain valuable experience in the trucking industry with a partner by your side. Our drivers enjoy a supportive and respectful work environment, and we are dedicated to helping them achieve their personal and professional goals. So if you're looking for a trucking company that values your skills and is committed to excellence in everything we do, consider joining the team at MC Carrier LLC as a team driver. Apply now to start your journey with us, and let's work together to make a difference in the world of transportation. At MC Carrier LLC, we offer competitive pay and benefits, state-of-the-art equipment, and ongoing training and development to help our drivers succeed and thrive in their roles. Whether you're a seasoned driver with years of experience or a new driver looking to build your career, MC Carrier LLC has a place for you on our team. Work for a place where you feel like you belong! Contact us today to learn more about how to become a company driver with MC Carrier LLC.