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When it comes to hazardous material transportation, there are many questions to consider. What qualifies as a hazardous material? How are hazardous materials classified? How do you properly ship hazardous materials? The shipping experts at MC Carrier LLC have over a decade of experience handling hazardous materials freight shipping and are happy to share their expertise on the subject. And it’s a complicated one.

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What Products Are Considered Hazardous Materials?

Hazardous materials, HAZMAT, or dangerous goods, can come in solid, liquid, or gas form and can cause potential harm to people, animals, and other living organisms that come in contact with it. HAZMAT can also cause damage to the environment if they are not properly stored, handled, and shipped.
All hazardous materials fit under 1 of 9 classes. These classes have been established to help identify the degree of danger these materials pose if improperly handled.

Class 1: Explosives

Gun powder, fireworks, ammunition, etc.

Class 2: Gasses

Fire extinguishers, spray paint, aerosol hair products, scuba tanks, etc.

Class 3: Flammable and Combustible Liquids

Gasoline, nail polish, paint thinner, etc.

Class 4: Flammable Solids

Sulfur, coal, sodium, potassium, etc.

Class 5: Oxidizing Substances, Organic Peroxides

Nitrate fertilizers, chlorine, bleach, etc.

Class 6: Toxic Substances and Infectious Substances

Biomedical waste, pesticides, etc.

Class 7: Radioactive Materials

Radioactive medicines, x-ray machines, isotopes, etc.

Class 8: Corrosives

Drain cleaner, paint stripper sulfuric acid, sodium hydroxide, etc.

Each class has a subclass that goes into greater detail about the classification. It is your responsibility as a shipper of HAZMAT to understand the classification of the substance or product you want to ship.

If you are unsure, hazmat freight companies like MC Carrier LLC could help you out or, at the very least, direct you to the proper authority that can assist you with hazardous materials classification. Regardless of who you turn to, it is essential that you correctly classify your item for hazardous materials transportation. Failure to do so could have serious implications, which we will get into further.

Shipping Hazardous Materials with MC Carrier LLC

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Once you’ve established which class your product belongs to, you need to contact one of the most knowledgeable hazmat shipping companies (we recommend MC Carrier LLC) to explain the next steps.

Not taking the appropriate actions can end in severe consequences. So always ensure you are working with an experienced hazardous materials transportation expert.

Taking the correct steps for a HAZMAT freight transport is essential to ship your HAZMAT freight successfully. After identifying the class for your hazardous materials transportation, and selecting one of the many experienced HAZMAT shipping companies to ship your goods, you may move on to the next steps.

1. Correct packaging

HAZMAT freight transport must be correctly packaged and prepared under Title 49 Code of Federal Regulations (49 CFR). This title addresses key protocols for preparing, shipping, and handling hazardous materials. Further information about Title 49 can be found here: Code of Federal Regulations. There are frequent changes made to this title so check the site regularly to ensure you have the most up-to-date information.

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2. Mark and label freight

When dealing with hazardous materials transportation, there are very specific ways you need to mark and label your items according to their class, ID number, weight, size, etc. Again, you must do your due diligence in ensuring you have followed the proper protocols in order to avoid delays in shipping. When you’re searching for hazmat freight shipping, it's important to find a company like MC Carrier LLC that is well-versed in the correct protocols for safe hazardous materials transportation.

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3. Proper shipping documentation

Many HAZMAT shipping companies require additional documentation for hazardous materials freight shipping, so you must be clear on the requirements needed in order to ship your goods. Some of the information they may need are: the UN number, hazardous materials classification, packing group, proper shipping name, quantity, number, type, shipper’s certification, and an emergency contact. This information will need to be gathered and carried with the driver in case of any emergencies on the road.

If you have any further questions about hazardous materials transportation, you can visit the website of the United States Department of Transportation or call their toll-free INFO-LINE 1-800-467-4922. 

MC Carrier LLC stands out from other hazardous materials shipping companies because of their first-hand experience dealing with some of the most sensitive hazardous materials transportation. We can assist you with your inquiries no matter how big or small of a shipment you have. 

Because of the nature of shipping hazardous materials, specialized treatment is needed. Extra-cautious handling is imperative during the transport process, so be wary of any shipping company that doesn’t take every precaution when shipping these products. MC Carrier LLC has the experience and knowledge to get any type of HAZMAT shipped correctly and on time.

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What Are the Penalties for Noncompliance with Hazardous Materials Transportation?

When you ship anything, there are regulations to abide by. However, due to the potential dangers of incorrectly handling hazardous materials freight shipping, the consequence can be severe. The US Department of Transportation will fine shippers for noncompliance if even a small detail is overlooked. These fines can result in a 6-figure fine or the potential loss of rights to any future HAZMAT freight transport.

When shipping with MC Carrier LLC, we will provide exceptional hazardous materials transportation and will help guide our customers so they meet all requirements with their HAZMAT freight transport. This is a win-win for everyone involved to meet state and federal regulations properly.

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Hazardous materials that MC Carrier LLC cannot accept for HAZMAT freight transport: 


  • Hazardous waste (hypodermic needles, medical waste, etc.) 
  • Infections and non-infectious human or animal cells, tissue, blood, etc.
  • Diagnostic cultures and specimens (regulated and non-regulated)
  • Biohazards
  • Class 1.1 Explosives with mass explosion hazard  
  • Class 1.2 Explosives with projection hazard
  • Class 1.3 Explosives with predominantly fire hazard 
  • Class 2.2 A: Anhydrous Ammonia
  • Class 2.3 A: Poison Gas which is Poison Inhalation Hazard (PIH) Zone A
  • Class 2.3 B: Poison Gas which is PIH Zone B
  • Class 2.3 C: Poison Gas which is PIH Zone C 
  • Class 2.3 D: Poison Gas which is PIH Zone D
  • Class 6.2 Infectious Substance (etiologic agent)
  • Class 6.1 A: Poison Liquid which is a PIH Zone A 
  • Class 6.1 B: Poison Liquid which is a PIH Zone B 
  • Class 6.1 Poison (Poisonous liquid with no inhalation hazard)  
  • Class 6.1 Solid (Meets the definition of a poisonous solid)
  • Class 7 Radioactive Materials
  • HRCQ: Highway Route Controlled Quantity of Radioactive Materials
  • Elevated Temperature Materials 
  • Infectious Waste
  • Hazardous Substance RQ
  • Combustible Liquid (Refer to 49 CFR 173.120(b))
  • Hazardous Waste 
  • Human or animal remains 
  • Defective or damaged batteries

Hazardous Materials Freight Shipping with MC Carrier LLC

Shipping hazardous materials involve risks that must be expertly managed to guarantee safe transport for all involved. That’s where MC Carrier LLC comes in. We have the knowledge and experience with hazardous materials freight shipping. We can answer your questions and help guide you to ensure you’ve dotted all your i’s and crossed all your t’s when it comes to following safe shipping regulations. If you need hazardous materials transportation, you have found the right shipping service. MC Carrier LLC can take care of all your HAZMAT shipping needs. Contact us today to get your FREE estimate, or give us a call if you have any further questions about HAZMAT freight transport.