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At MC Carrier LLC, our temperature controlled division plays a critical role in keeping our economy running smoothly. Many of our essential goods require a temperature-controlled shipping environment. Food, pharmaceuticals, and other perishable goods are temperature sensitive and by using incorrect shipping methods, the integrity of these products are at risk.

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Dependable Refrigerated Trailers

Our temperature controlled division uses modern, dependable refrigerated trailers or reefers, to maintain a specific temperature range for the cargo during transport.

Our top-of-the line temperature controlled trailers are insulated and equipped with refrigeration units that can maintain temperatures ranging from -20 degrees Fahrenheit to 70 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the requirements of the cargo being transported. This ensures that your goods are kept fresh and in optimal condition throughout the entire transport process.

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Temperature Controlled Logistics

When it comes to temperature-sensitive cargo, a small mistake could spoil an entire load, so mistakes must be avoided at all costs. The temperature controlled division of MC Carrier LLC expertly coordinates the shipment of temperature-sensitive cargo using our refrigerated trailers. This includes coordinating with shippers and receivers to ensure timely delivery, monitoring the temperature of the cargo during transport, and ensuring that the equipment is properly maintained and serviced. Our team abides by strict regulations and requirements, including regular equipment inspections and adherence to food safety standards so we can provide reliable and safe transport for temperature-sensitive cargo, on time, every time.

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MC Carrier LLC’s Temperature Controlled Division

Transporting temperature-sensitive goods is paramount to keeping our economy running smoothly. The reasons you can trust MC Carrier LLC when you require temperature controlled shipping:
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1. Reliability

We ask all the right questions so we can provide a thorough and transparent estimate outlining all potential costs associated with your open deck freight shipping or heavy haul transport. There are never any hidden fees.

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2. Real Time Tracking

Not only can you count on us, you can track your shipment so you always know exactly where your goods are at any given time. With MC Carrier LLC you get live GPS tracking and our drivers also have the ability to monitor the temperature and humidity of their trailer. They also have the ability to adjust temperatures so your goods are always housed in the perfect climate.

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3. Fast shipping

Our temperature controlled division will find the fastest route considering the road conditions, weather conditions, to guarantee you the fastest shippinging option possible. We also offer team-expedited shipping that can get your temperature controlled freight where it needs to be, even faster than traditional shipping methods.

Across the U.S. it’s possible to see a drop or rise in temperature over dozens of degrees, but when you ship with our temperature controlled division, your product will stay at a consistent temperature throughout its entire journey. So, what are you waiting for? Let us help move your business forward, with reliable temperature controlled shipping with MC Carrier LLC.

Need Refrigerated Shipping? Ship with MC Carrier LLC!

Whatever reason you need a temperature controlled environment, MC Carrier LLC offers a wide-range of options with our temperature controlled division. Whether you need deep freeze conditions or simply a room temperature interior, our team will accommodate your needs regardless of the temperature outside.