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Open deck trucking, also known as flatbed trucking, is a type of freight transportation that involves using trucks with open flatbed trailers to transport goods. Unlike enclosed trailers, open deck trailers do not have walls or roofs, which makes them suitable for carrying cargo that is too large, heavy, or tall to fit in a closed trailer. Our flatbed trucks are regular dock height, range from 48-53 feet, and can scale up to 48,000 lbs without a permit. Our open deck division is commonly used in the construction, manufacturing, industrial, and agriculture industries to transport materials such as steel beams, lumber, heavy machinery, and oversized equipment. This type of hauling requires skilled drivers and specialized equipment to ensure the safe and efficient transport of the cargo. The drivers at MC Carrier LLC have years of experience in open deck trucking and offer a level of expertise that allows them to haul even the most challenging loads.

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Top-notch load handling services through our Open Deck Division

MC Carrier LLC provides top-notch load handling services through our open deck division. We offer specialized transportation options through the use of: Flatbeds, Open decks, Step decks, Double-drop, Heavy-haul, Over-dimensional shipping.

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Step Deck Trailers

A step deck trailer, also known as a drop deck trailer or a single-drop trailer, is a type of flatbed trailer that has two deck levels. The rear deck sits higher than the front deck, creating a step-like transition between the two. The front deck is typically 10-12 inches off the ground, while the rear deck can be up to 42-48 inches off the ground. This design allows for taller cargo to be transported on the lower deck while still providing enough clearance for bridges and overpasses. Step deck trailers are commonly used to transport equipment such as construction machinery, heavy industrial equipment, and oversized materials that are too tall to be carried on a standard flatbed trailer. If you’ve got freight that is taller than 8’6” but less than 10’ tall, a step deck or drop deck will suit your load. These trailers are specifically designed to carry tall loads. Because of the lower bottom deck height, cargo is often loaded by a crane or forklift.

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Double Drop Trailers

In our open deck division we often utilize the double drop trailers for shipping oversized cargo. This trailer has a lower deck between two upper decks. It is designed to carry oversized or tall cargo that cannot fit on a standard flatbed trailer due to height restrictions. The lower deck of a double-drop trailer sits closer to the ground than the upper decks, allowing for extra height clearance. The upper decks are typically used to carry lighter cargo or machinery, while the lower deck is reserved for taller or heavier items. We commonly use our double-drop trailers for the construction, agriculture, and energy industries to transport large and heavy equipment such as bulldozers, cranes, wind turbines, and transformers. For equipment that is taller than 10 feet, or a super heavy item with the weight concentrated within a small footprint, a double drop trailer is a great choice to meet your shipping needs.

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Shipping Extremely Heavy, Wide, or Long Loads

Our open deck division is a reliable choice for when you need to ship an extremely heavy, long, high or wide load. When traditional trailer configurations won’t do the job, our specialized trailers can do the trick. With the use of double-drop trailers or step decks, we can accommodate freight like construction machinery and oversized industrial equipment. Another option to haul long or wide freight is to use an expando trailer. These trailers have the ability to handle up to 90’ loads making them ideal for transporting beams, pipes, and other lengthy items. Our open deck division can also accommodate extremely heavy items through the use of our multi-axle trailers which have additional axles to help distribute the weight of super heavy cargo. These trailers commonly transport large transformers, generators, and other oversized industrial equipment.

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Open Deck Shipping with MC Carrier LLC

When you’ve got specialized cargo to ship, our open deck division offers specialized solutions for even the most challenging cargo. Whether you need a flatbed, step deck, double-drop, or a specialized trailer, MC Carrier LLC’s open deck division can assist you in providing the proper equipment to get your oversized or super-heavy cargo moved efficiently, safely, and on budget.