DriverPro - Truck Drivers' Mobile App for Performance Tracking

MC Carrier LLC has developed the DriverPro mobile app to help our company perfect our performance management and add ease to the evaluation process of our drivers. This truck driver app helps to motivate drivers to continue performing their very best, while also allowing MC Carrier LLC to customize our key performance outcomes (KPIs) to be able to offer the very best shipping services to our customers at every stage of the process. With our driver tracking app, we are given the ability to constantly improve our performance so that customers can feel 100% confident that they will have a superior shipping experience with MC Carrier LLC.

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About DriverPro
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What is DriverPro?

DriverPro mobile app is an application that allows us to generate and track our truck drivers’ KPIs and custom driver performance. Our truck driver app helps provide effective internal communication between our teams. Whether it be to handle conflict, set targets, or evaluate drivers, this app is used by MC Carrier LLC to help ensure safe, reliable, and timely transportation.

DriverPro mobile app has a user-friendly interface helping MC Carrier LLC truck drivers to improve efficiency by providing tracking tools and by simplifying performance management.

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How Does it Work?

The DriverPro app helps trucking companies with driver evaluation. Companies can define the criteria they want to evaluate drivers on and customize their evaluations. Essentially, it’s like a report card for the driver’s performance.

Each driver is evaluated for KPI realization based on set targets. Targets are easily adapted and customized based on needs.

Some common KPIs we track with our driver tracking app:

Out-of-route miles

Maintenance costs per mile


Loads per truck/per week

On-time deliveries

Average cost per delivery


Safety performance

DriverPro collects driver data in order to help our management team analyze different citations and take the necessary action. Reporting is easily configurable in order to provide the business with important insights and find ways to improve. MC Carrier LLC’s KIPs match our strategy and goals, and the DriverPro mobile app helps us to focus on the most important key indicators to help maximize our overall performance.

Features of the DriverPro Mobile App

The main functionality of the app is split into two separate parts: The driver’s side and Manager’s side. Although the primary focus of the DriverPro mobile app is communication. At MC Carrier LLC, we realize the importance of giving our drivers a voice. So our dispatchers and drivers always have clear and transparent communication with clear targets and results.

Some of the key features of our driver performance app:

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Fully Customizable

The DriverPro mobile app allows us to generate and then track our team’s KPIs depending on MC Carrier LLC’s specific needs. DriverPro mobile app provides totally customizable and efficient internal communication between drivers and dispatchers, and management. Drivers also get the opportunity to dispute reports and escalate any conflicts directly to management.

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Dynamic Evaluation

Drivers are assessed using the driver performance app for KPIs based on specific set targets. Targets will be adapted and customized based on needs. The targets will always be clearly communicated to the driver so there will never be any confusion around the KPIs they are being evaluated on.

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Reporting and Analytics

Using DriverPro, the truck driver app, allows us to collect valuable data to help analyze different situations and find appropriate solutions. Reporting is extremely easy and is configured to provide our business with significant insight into ways to improve operations.

DriverPro for Drivers

Our truckers can download the DriverPro mobile app, which makes it easy for them to track their performance. This driver tracking app is designed specifically for truck drivers who want to know if they are adhering to road safety standards and KIPs set out by the carrier they drive for. 

For drivers, the DriverPro mobile app is a one-stop shop for all their targets. With this truck driver app, the driver can get information on the following: 

  • Mileage 
  • Performance evaluation
  • Salary statements
  • Opportunities to dispute or give feedback on the reports
  • MC Carrier LLC Newsletters and other essential information

Overall, our drivers love the DriverPro mobile app. They can see their real-time standings within the company, which creates a natural drive to improve and to continue with high-quality performance. 


DriverPro for Carriers

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MC Carrier LLC uses the driver performance app to help reduce costs to customers. By tracking vital information, we can see what areas to improve on to cut costs and improve transport. Improving driver performance is a win-win for everyone involved. The DriverPro mobile app helps with driver evaluation. MC Carrier LLC defines the criteria we want to evaluate drivers on and customize their report cards. We customize the KPIs to offer optimal freight shipping for our customers.

With DrivePro mobile app, our management gets access to all of the driver’s activities, including dispatch statements and safety performance. This information helps drivers meet their KPIs and also helps with driver retention. Tracking and analyzing our driver performance with our truck driver app, helps us to optimize operations, reduce costs, and provide more reliable delivery times.

The Driver performance app helps to improve fuel efficiency and reduce idling time which can help get shipments where they need to be more quickly. Less idling also leads to lower carbon emissions and other environmental benefits, which helps customers be a part of a more sustainable way of shipping goods with MC Carrier LLC.

Using the DriverPro mobile app lets us have critical information at our fingertips, which, in turn, helps us guarantee top-notch services to our valued customers every time they ship with us.

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